THURSDAY, 04.12.2014, 22:30



World premiere. French artist/ filmmaker Christophe Chemin had made SEEKING ME YOU SAT EXHAUSTED for the epic Jack Smith festival at Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin in 2009 (JACK SMITH! LIVE FILM! FIVE FLAMING DAYS IN A RENTED WORLD), curated by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Marc Siegel and Susanne Sachsse. This film was only shown once and never again. Going back to the same source material, featuring breath-taking performances by Susanne Sachsse and the late Brian Tennessee Claflin, Chemin has made a completely new and very different film that he will show for the very first time at the BERLIN ART FILM FESTIVAL. Shot in DV that looks like 35mm film (quote: Bruce LaBruce), THE COAT will feature completely new monologues by amazing writer/artist Travis Jeppesen.

THE COAT is the modern story of an actress that is in a theatre.
In a place designed for representation, for daily reenactments of human passions, the film is focusing on the cruel awakening of the actress to her true self.
More precisely to an „ancient self“. The one most people edit out of their lives: the garbage self.
The coat or the costume she is wearing through the film is what truly represents her. She is the coat. She is herself because she is wearing that particular coat.
We will follow her in that journey of awakening, a true descent in a world where black magik and anarchy reign.
(Christophe Chemin)

D 2014, Christophe Chemin
language: English, no subtitles
guests: Christophe Chemin, Susanne Sachsse (actor)



“I went everywhere because I wanted to see everything, embrace everything, stroke everything, down to the tiniest detail.” Brian Tennessee Claflin, who passed away earlier this year, was the creator of the legendary PORK party at Ficken3000, a lively and unforgettable presence of Berlin’s underground art and nightlife scenes. Originally produced as part of a one-off performance, Moths Around a Flame uses Marlene Dietrich’s song “Falling in Love Again” as the departure point for a beautiful personal poem about love, longing, and the search for social identity in the darkrooms of Berlin. (Travis Jeppesen)

D 2012, Brian Tennessee Claflin, 3′
camera: Jason Harrell, sound design: Snax
language: English, no subtitles
guests: friends of Brian