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A woman and two men at a bus top, shot with a subjective camera from each person’s point-of-view, watching the two others and speaking in their mind. My first film at film school was supposed to be a „boy meets girl“ story, a theme my lecturer Jiri Weiß assigned us. I didn’t particularly care about that. In order to make it interesting for me, I recorded each person with p.o.v.-shots and was facing the problem that I had to explain why I would cut from one person to the next, while the view remained subjective. It was my decision from the outside perspective to interrupt these three characters in their expressions.
(Helke Sander)

Helke Sander, D 1967, 4 min
cinematography: Gerd Conradt
language: German (with English subtitles)
with: Barbara Lamers, Rüdiger Minow, Wolfgang Sippel
guest: Helke Sander



The first full-length feature by feminist activist and documentarist Helke Sander, REDUPERS takes the temperature of West German sexual and social politics ten years on from the student revolts of 1968. Set in divided Berlin, the film uses the form of the film essay to reflect on parallels between the fractured life of its protagonist, single mother, artist and photographer Edda, and the traumatic divide that separates the city’s east and west. Edda works hard to balance her commitment to her job, her art, her daughter and her lover. She struggles daily to negotiate her private and professional lives, as well as her search for self-fulfillment. When she and a group of female photographers are commissioned to take pictures of West Berlin, they push a critical perspective that challenges their client’s intentions.
(text: The British Museum/ DEFA Film Library)

Helke Sander, D 1977, 94 min
cinematography: Katia Forbert
language: German (with English subtitles)
with: Helke Sander, Joachim Baumann, Frank Burckner, Eva Gagel
guest: Helke Sander